Leica Gallery Suzhou

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Leica Gallery Suzhou

About us:

Leica Gallery Suzhou is located by the Jinji Lake in Suzhou Park, adjacent to Suzhou Culture and Art Center and Suzhou International Expo Center to the west, and nearby Eslite Bookstore, InterContinental Hotel and many other large commercial districts to the east. It has a unique geographical location. The total area of Suzhou Leica Gallery is about 450 square meters, of which the exhibition hall on the first floor is 260 square meters, and the exhibition line is about 55 meters. The second floor is a multifunctional creative space, darkroom and art micro-jet studio. The gallery has a large number of photography masterpieces collection, and regularly introduces famous photography exhibitions. The gallery also cooperates with photographers and cultural institutions to hold photography academic lectures and forums.

Leica Gallery Suzhou

C8-2F, Moonlight Pier No.1
Guanfeng Street
Suzhou Industrial Park

Telefon: +86 13301560077



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